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August Newsletter

August Newsletter During the month of July we learned about safety and heros within our community. As a community outreach project we ended our learning with a fun project of writing Thank you cards to our local fire and police departments. We were able to deliver over 100 handwritten notes…
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July Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal,   Summer is in full swing and we are having a great time teaching and learning with our students! This month we are celebrating Independence Day and campers are jumping into action, playing games, exploring nature, being creative, and participating in other fun summer-themed activities….
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2019-2020 School Year Calendar

1503 2019-2020 Calendar

LFPM Parent/Student Handbook

LFPM 2018-2019  Handbook

April News

April Events April 3-20 – Early Pre-School &Pre-School conferences April 6 – Edmonds & Shoreline closed – cc available April 20-24 – Spring Break “Taste of Summer”; No class for LFPM Kindergarten – cc available; Public School closed – cc available April 22 – Earth Day Celebration April 25 – Carnival 11:30-1:30 April 27 – In-Service Day CLOSED General News…
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